Obituary - Maggie Curtis

Most of you will now be aware of the sudden, tragic death of my dear friend Maggie who ssdly died from a heart attack on 13th June. Maggie had been a member of the Talisman Theatre for many years as a talented actress, backstage and audience member, and she was also a long-time member of 'Second Thoughts' drama group in Stratford where she lived.

To mention the number of charities and good causes she actively supported would fill this page and, of course, this also included many animal charities, a real indication of the sort of person she was - generous, kind, and willing to help anyone, she was just a very warm-hearted, lovely person and i will miss her immensely, as will everyone who knew her.

This year she had been involved with Romany Pie, reciting poems and readings to accompany our songs in a WW1 anthology, commemorating 100 years since the end of that war.

The final song in the anthology is simply called 'Requiem' where a soldier is asking for 'no sad parade, lowered flags or drawn curtains - but in these coming days - just pause a while - think of me - and gently smile...' I recall her saying to me, having heard us sing it (and perhaps prophetically), 'What a beautiful song - that's how I would like to be remembered.'

The funeral service is at Oakley Wood crematorium on Tuesday 10th July at 12 noon, and afterwards at Hill Close Gardens, Warwick at 1 pm (CV32 6HF, next to the racecourse).

Her family would like us to avoid wearing black, and to bring a flower. Maggie's 'Rainbow' would not accommodate thunder clouds or dark skies and her life should be celebrated likewise.

John Ellam



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