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December 2014/January 2015 - "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" by Alan P Frayn
Directed by Wendy McClay and Graham Underhill
Ali Baba was in the forest when he saw forty thieves stop in front of a cave. The leader said “Open Sesame!” and before Ali Baba’s amazed eyes the sealed mouth of the cave magically opened and the men disappeared inside. To come out and close the entrance, the leader said “Close Sesame” and the cave sealed itself once more. Trembling with excitement Ali Baba waited till the thieves had left and then entered the cave after saying the magic words. To his delight he found lots of treasure...
"Family pantomime in the popular Talisman tradition."




2-7 February 2015 - "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell
Directed by David Draper
University lecturer Frank needs to earn some extra money, so he agrees to tutor an Open University student. His student Rita is a brash, earthy hairdresser with a recently discovered passion for higher education, much to the dismay of her husband Denny. In her attempts to appreciate literature, Rita challenges the attitudes of a traditional university, teaching Frank to question his own understanding of his work and himself. The play explores the relationship between student and tutor.
The RSC production ran in the West End for two and a half years since when Educating Rita has never been out of production somewhere in the world.
"Superb, humorous and deeply moving. A truly great play." Daily Telegraph

9-14 March 2015 - "Top Girls" by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Geraldine Cousin
The setting is a dinner party in a London restaurant thrown by Marlene, the newly promoted managing director of the Top Girls employment agency. Her guests are famous women from history and myth, including Pope Joan, the Victorian traveller Isabella Bird, the 13th-century Japanese courtesan turned Buddhist nun Lady Nijo, Dull Gret from Brueghel's painting depicting a woman in armour running through hell and routing devils, and Patient Griselda, whose story is told in The Canterbury Tales. From this dazzling set piece the play becomes a theatrical shape-shifter. Quickly and slyly it turns from a celebration of women's achievements to a study of what must be sacrificed for a woman to be a success in a man's world. It provides a sharp reminder that the advances of one woman do not necessarily facilitate the advances of others.
"The best British play ever from a woman dramatist." The Guardian

26-28 March 2015 - Youth Theatre Annual Show
Further information to follow.

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27 April-2 May 2015 - "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward
Directed by John Dawson
Hay Fever, one of the best-loved of all Coward’s plays, was reckoned by Tyrone Guthrie to have ‘as good a chance of immortality as any works of an author now living’. This comic masterpiece, first performed in June, 1925, has survived the years beyond even Guthrie’s glowing prediction.
"Noël Coward's comedy still proves so astonishingly durable." The Guardian





1-6 June 2015 - "The 39 Steps" by John Buchan and Patrick Barlow
Directed by Steve Smith
(Subject to performance rights being granted)
This is a classic ‘boys own’ adventure brought to life for the theatre! Based upon the 1915 John Buchan masterpiece, and later popularised in the 1935 Hitchcock film, this unique show is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat! Cleverly adapted by Patrick Barlow, this fast moving, action packed production also contains an element of humour. Even though it is dealing with serious issues it is also highly amusing and ever so slightly tongue in cheek. It stars four actors, more than 139 roles and a range of scenes which are both remarkable and highly energetic!
"The theatrical tomfoolery is to die for." The Guardian

6-11 July 2015 - "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Vanessa Comer
Based on classical myth, Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion plays on the complex business of human relationships in a social world. Phonetics Professor Henry Higgins tutors the very Cockney Eliza Doolittle, not only in the refinement of speech, but also in the refinement of her manner. When the end result produces a very ladylike Miss Doolittle, the lessons learned become much more far reaching. The successful musical My Fair Lady was based on this Bernard Shaw classic.
"There is a bubbling wit about the piece, but it is also deeply affecting." Daily Telegraph



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