Studio Saturday Night
In addition to the excellent programme of Main House and Bare Bones productions, our theatre also offers a diverse range of studio productions.

ur successful Studio Saturday Nights usually take the form of a one act play, monologues or poetry readings. So, if you fancy trying your hand at acting, writing or directing a short piece, please contact Wendy Anderson on 01926 852451 (email:

Future programme:

14 February at 8.00pm
Life Upon the
Wicked Stage
They said no one would ever dare write it. They said no one could possibly put it on the stage!! Well, they were absolutely right, so instead Nevil Malin has thrown together a rag bag of bits and pieces under the title Life Upon the Wicked Stage.
If you have ever wondered whether Lady Macbeth did her own shopping or what sort of jam Judi Dench uses in her roly-poly, here is your golden opportunity to go on wondering. This grotesque giggle fest of things theatrical will be served up by Ann Richards, Lorna Spenser, Colin Ritchie and Nevil Malin.





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